About us

Fig. 1. Harpe Bru Bridge, Norway

BT Bautechnik GmbH is a medium-sized enterprise which has successfully specialised in the technical processing and production of bearing assemblies for bridges, industrial buildings, plants & power stations. We also have many years of extensive experience in the development and design of a wide range of specialised products for bridge & building construction, including custom-engineered solutions. Since the establishment of our company, safe, reliable and highly durable bearings from BT Bautechnik GmbH have been installed in more than 1000 buildings in Germany and abroad. We offer you products of unrivalled quality and a range of services, including efficient technical development and fast support. We are a member of the conditions cartel for road joints and bearings in bridges FLB, and of the German association of manufacturers of road joints and structural bearings VHFL.