Pot bearings

Fig. 1. Bearing type TGe,L, as shearing cross & tensile anchor

Bearings are used to transfer loads between parts of buildings and to allow these parts to move relative to each other. Two important types of bearings in building constructions are pot bearings and pot sliding bearings. They transfer loads without constraint from the superstructure to the substructure. In addition, they allow for displacement in all directions as well as for rotation around all axes through sliding. Pot bearings are particularly suitable for constructions with small to high loads.

The main components of a pot bearing are the so-called pot, the elastomer element in the pot and the plunger. The elastomer element transfers vertical loads and caters for free rotation, by displacement and deformation. Horizontal loads are transferred without constraint through the plunger into the pot. For low-friction sliding, the plunger is equipped with a PTFE plate with lubrication pits equipped with a lubricant permitted for approved sliding elements according to DIN EN 1337-2. […]

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Bearing type Tf
Bearing type Tf
Bearing type Tf
Bearing type TGa

Bearing type TGe,L
Bearing type TGe, L
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