Rocker bearings

Fig. 1. Pull/push bearing PKZf, for two-side attachment to steel structure

Bearings are used to transfer loads between parts of buildings and to allow these parts to move relative to each other. An important type of bearing in building constructions are rocker bearings. They transfer loads without constraint from the superstructure to the substructure. Depending on the design of the bearing, they also cater for rotation of the parts relative to each other around one or all axes. Displacements are compensated by sliding movements.

The key element of a rocker bearing is the pressure bar. Depending on the bearing type, the curved surface is designed as a spherical element (point rocker bearing) or as a cylinder (linear rocker bearing). This core bearing element is chambered and welded to a bearing plate. The component that acts in contact with the pressure bar is known as the rocker plate. In linear rocker bearings, unidirectional horizontal forces can be transferred by means of a flanged rim on the pressure bar. In point rocker bearings, this is done by means of an outer guide bar. […]

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Linear rocker bearing
Pull/push bearing PKZf
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Bearing plate

Bearing type LKf
Bearing type LKZe,L
Bearing type PKa
Bearing type PKf

Linear rocker bearing
Linear rocker bearing LKf