Field manual

In compliance with EN 1090-2, we are in possession of a certified field manual for the application of pre-tightening torques to high-strength bolting assemblies. This is for instance required where anchoring and bearing plates need to be secured to each other with nuts that are hidden in the anti-torsion device. The manual is also of use for initial installations, or when changing a bearing where it needs to be bolted to on-site wedged plates with blind holes, or where other obstacles make it impossible to tighten the nuts. The information in the field manual is taken into account when designing bolting assemblies.


Apart from manufacturing and supplying our products, we assist you in finding the best bearing type for your specific project. We also develop special constructions to suit your specific requirements. For our structural bearings, we provide field manuals as well as bearing acceptance procedures with reports (following release). We also offer sliding and tilting gap measurement by our specialist technician for bearing installation.

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