Spherical bearings

Fig 1. Bearing type KGZa responding to rotation and significant displacement

Bearings are used to transfer loads between parts of buildings and to allow these parts to move relative to each other. An important type of bearing in building construction are spherical bearings. They transfer loads without constraint from the superstructure to the substructure. In addition, they allow for displacements in all directions as well as for rotation around all axes through sliding. Spherical bearings are particularly suitable for buildings with medium to high loads, and for constructions with considerable sliding movements.

The key element of a spherical bearing is the calotte. Its convex surface is hard-chrome plated and polished. Together with the concave PTFE plate equipped with lubrication pits, it forms the sliding elements conforming to DIN EN 1337-2 lubricated with an approved lubricant. The PTFE foil is accurately fitted and glued to the concave part of the bearing. These sliding elements allow for low-friction sliding movements and thus the transfer of rotation. […]

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Bearing type KF
Bearing type KGa
Bearing type KGe, L
Bearing type KGe, L-Z

Work performed according to process instructions
Pull/push bearing KZa

Pull/push bearing KZf
Installation and alignment
Sliding gap measurement
Bearing type KGe, L

Bearing type KGe, L
Bearing type KGZa
Installation of calotte
Mounting of sheet metal panelling