Structural bearings

Structural bearings are used in the construction of bridges and other load-bearing structures. Such structural bearings are subject to regulations laid down in the EN 1337 standards and also, with respect to correct dimensioning and use, they must fulfil the requirements of the relevant Eurocode concerning construction standards and the regulations referred to in these documents thus enabling a complete measurement and application of the bearings. When all the above regulations and standards are complied with, structural bearings qualify for the CE Mark. Supplementary to the bearing components not covered by EN 1337, the bearing manufacturer must obtain a "General Building Authority Approval" from the DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik = German Institute for Construction Engineering) which entitles the manufacturer to apply the "Ü Mark" (Übereinstimmungszeichen = conformity mark) on his bearings. In Germany, only structural bearings that bear both marks may be installed.

Bearing types